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File Server Rentals

File Server Rentals Nationwide, Worldwide

File Server Rentals
"Sometimes you simply need a temporary server rental as a cost effective means to handling short term projects, or for testing new methods and principals.  Servers are expensive pieces of equipment and when considering using them for new ideas and projects, you have to take their cost into account.  This is why I always recommend renting the equipment first.  You get to see for yourself just how your project will run with specific equipment and you don't have to worry about the project falling flat and potentially wasting money purchasing the hardware." J.R.

Why Rent a File Server?

Renting a file server from rentrpc.com is a great solution for temporary basic file storage and server needs. Things like eMail, Files, Storage, Databases, Applications, etc...

Some Common Reasons for Renting:
  • Temporary Storage - Need storage while moving to a new location or waiting for a permanent solution
  • Migrating - Moving from one server to another
  • Upgrading - Performing an in place upgrade of an existing server
  • Extra Processing Power - Ease the load on existing servers during a busy time
  • Test Driving - Test specific equipment or test new ideas and projects
  • Virtualization Testing - Test possible virtualization solutions (possibly for server consolidation or for linking multiple virtual servers to a single physical one)

How Much Processing Power Do I Need?

Most servers today come with at least two processors (each core is either dual or quad core). A server with two dual core processors is capable of handling medium businesses while two quad cores can handle large businesses. If your company is smaller with around 25 employees or less then you might want to try a server with one dual core processor.

Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 Server RentalWindows Server 2008 has many key features that can boost productivity and help administrators gain control over many areas. Vast improvements have been made to desktop virtualization through Hyper-V and Remote Desktop Services.
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